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As creative individuals, we are constantly trying to learn and explore new ideas, methods and processes of writing, reaching our fans, and growing our readers' list. These things individually are easy to pull out either and focus on bettering ourselves.

I find I am a continual student, an adult student, always learning and searching for new information, knowledge and understanding. I never want to get to a place where I feel as if I don’t know how to grow. One way to accomplish this is to attend workshops.

There are many workshops out there that are free and just as many that you pay for. I enjoy finding free workshops that only take a few days to complete because it means that I don’t have to worry about over scheduling myself.

This past weekend (Sept 10- 12) I attended a live workshop hosted on a discord server. It was free for the weekend and only an hour a day.

The presenter was Shirley Crow, a self-published author who runs the discord server. She has given other workshops as well. As a workshop presenter, she is very well organized and stays on point. She included worksheets and booklets for each day of the workshop. The information presented was very concise and well thought out. I will refer to it often as I continue trying to grow my set of followers on different platforms. She also included worksheets and a daily booklet that contained an overview of the day's discussion.

This weekend she presented about Social Media for authors. As a new author, I found the information on point, relevant and extremely helpful. She ranged from which platforms are best for a particular range of genres, times and managers that can streamline posting.

I will be on the lookout for any future workshops she offers and take as many as I can. She is a wonderful hostess and is engaged to people who are in the workshop, answering questions throughout and even after it has ended.

If you want to check out her workshops, she has listed on her author website linked below. They are only free the weekend that she opens them and after that they are available for sale, but you can take them with her at your convenience.

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